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Women's Christian College

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Department of Sociology


Department at a glance

  • n the year 2005 the Sociology Department emerged as a essential department for the benefit of the students enabling their academic upliftment
  • Future plans include organising seminars and upgrading faculty's qualifications


Welcome to the Sociology Department


As an emerging discipline, Sociology as a general subject was introduced in Women's Christian College on September 1, 2005. Lecture method, student teacher interaction, quizes all these are followed as teaching methodology in the department of sociology of this college. Our future plans are to arrange U.G.C. sponsored seminars, invite eminent academicians for the benefit of the students and for the academic upliftment of the teachers as well.






Sm. Mausumi Biswas M.A., B.Ed.
Sm. Tulika Bhattacharya M.A.


Departmental Activities


On January 17, 2007 the department of Sociology had organised a students' seminars on - " Role of family in sociallization", which was arranged in the college.

On october 1, 2008, the department of sociology had arranged a seminar on "Changing status of women" held in the college. The resource person was Dr. Deboprasad Chatterjee, Head of the department of Sociology, Maulana Azad College..


Departmental Magazine


Students wall mgazine are put up for encouragement of creative writing of the students.


Achievements of Teachers


Research : Anwesha Chatterjee has joined in 2 year M.Phil. course from Jadavpur University.


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