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Department of Education


Department at a glance

  • From the year 2005, Women's Christian College started the department and the 3-year Degree course as an emerging field of study which provides lessons on education.

  • Girls after passing out of this institution opted for different vocations successfully.



Welcome to the Department of Education


As an emerging discipline, Education is a general subject in the 3-year Degree course which was introduced in Women's Christian College on 1st September 2005. The aim of this department is to encourage the student and instil spirit of learning and avail the upcoming opportunities in life. Lecture method, student -teacher interaction followed in methodology of teaching.







Sm. Jayoti Chatterjee M.A., M.Phil., B.Ed. (Calcutta University)
Sm. Sikha Kar Chowdhury M.A.



Departmental Activities


The department has organised a couple of student seminars, taking students from 1st year, 2nd year & 3rd year respectively. Chats, walls paper on educational topics was displayed and group discussion was organised.


Future Planning


The department is planning to open very shortly a departmental library, arrange for a departmental magazine & organise inter college seminars.

Above all the department is strongly motivated to open Honours courses shortly.


Achievements of Students and Teachers


Girls after passing out of this institution are opting for differnt vocations successfully.

Smt. Jayoti Chatterjee - M.A., B.Ed. (Calcutta University) She has completed the course work & submitted the dissertation for the Degree of M.Phil. from Calcutta University in May 2009.



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